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Big Mind, Big Heart: Finding Your Way

By Genpo Roshi

The Dualistic Mind

Facilitator: Now I'd like to speak to the Dualistic Mind, please.

Dualistic Mind: All right, I'm the Dualistic Mind.

Facilitator: Well, why do we call you dualistic? Why do we refer to you as the Dualistic Mind?

Dualistic Mind: Because I see things in a way that is dualistic. I mean there's nothing wrong with it, I just see things in terms of right and wrong, good and bad, self and others, me and you. This is just the way it is. This is reality as far as I'm concerned. That tree is not me. It would be deluded to think it is.

So from my standpoint, I am real and I am what's real. I see me, this life, Genpo, as real, and I see things are either right or they're wrong. They're either good or they're bad. There's gray of course, I mean there are some areas of gray. But these kinds of distinctions are essential. Where would we be as a species, as human beings, on all levels, scientifically, morally, ethically, spiritually, economically, where would we be if we weren't able to make distinctions between what's good and bad, right and wrong, this and that, me and you? If I couldn't distinguish myself from you, or my self from my clothing, how would I even know what to do? So, I am reality.

I am truly essential for the survival of the species, and of course I have all kinds of desires. Without desires how would I seek food when I'm hungry? How would I seek shelter when I need it? How would I even seek procreation of the species if I didn't have sexual desires? These are all essential, and it would be ridiculous to think any other way. In fact it would be so totally nuts and deluded I think it would be a very, very sad person who didn't base their life in me, in dualistic thinking, in Dualistic Mind. You know, I see people who somehow think they're non-dual or they've transcended something, and I mean, they're dangerous. I don't want anything to do with them.

Facilitator: Do you think they are deluded?

Dualistic Mind: Absolutely. That's what I'm saying. Not only deluded, they're harmful. They're scary. They're scary because if they can't see things dualistically, how do they distinguish between what's right and wrong, what's good and bad, what's healthy and not healthy for themselves and for others, for their children and the world? I think they're a menace.

Frankly I'd almost like to just get rid of them, except that would be wrong. I mean if we could somehow protect ourselves from such people, I think that would be a very intelligent thing to do. They're dangerous. They really are.

Now of course, as I said, I desire to procreate so the species can survive. I need to desire, I need to seek after things, I need to invent and discover. I need to create. I'm a creative force, and if you can't make distinctions, how can you distinguish one color from another, or one shape or form from another? It seems to me that would just be insane. As far as I'm concerned even what is proposed in this book seems like it's bordering on insanity. We have to be able to make distinctions between right and wrong. That's just the way it is.

I don't even want to hear any more about these non-dual reality guys. They make me angry. I'm angry right now about such nonsense -- non-dualism, transcendence. I hate people like that. I think they're really a danger, a threat to our world. They have no morals, no ethics. It just seems like they have no boundaries. They don't honor my boundaries. When they speak to you they come too close and their breath stinks, you know, and they're scary, they're really scary. So there you have it.

Facilitator: Maybe I'd better speak to the Controller next.

Dualistic Mind: All right, I have no problem letting you speak to the Controller, but if you asked to speak to any transcendent voice, I wouldn't let you do that right now. No way, absolutely no way. I don't want anything to do with that.

Facilitator: All right. So would you now let me speak to the Controller please?

Controller: All right. You're speaking with the Controller.

Facilitator: So how are you doing?

Controller: Well, I'm OK. Obviously, that last voice wasn't too happy about the direction you were headed. I had a hard time because he was kind of exposing himself, and just how hateful and angry this whole business is to him. I think he's really threatened, and therefore I need to protect him. I also felt some need to protect the Non-Dual.

Facilitator: All right, let me ask you, and I'll understand if you don't want to give me permission, but if you would, please allow me to speak now to the Skeptic.

Controller: All right, I'll allow to speak to the Skeptic.

The Skeptic

Facilitator: Who am I speaking to?

Skeptic: I am the Skeptic. Why do you want to speak to me? What's behind this?

Facilitator: I just want to know what your role is, what your job and function are.

Skeptic: I'm not sure why you want to know it, but basically my job is to be skeptical. Frankly, the self -- he -- is really naive and foolish. Without me he would fall for one con after another. He'd probably run off with some cult. If it weren't for me, the guy would definitely be flat broke right now, or even worse, maybe dead. He's overly trusting, he's foolhardy, and he has no discernment whatsoever. He's not really that sharp or intelligent either. I can spot a con a mile away. I am probably the most intelligent, and definitely the sharpest tool in the shed, in his whole array of voices. And, yeah, I'm real important to him.

Facilitator: So, what are you skeptical about right now?

Skeptic: You, for a start. I don't trust you. I'm not sure what you're up to. I can't believe that what you're saying can be true. I'm also skeptical about his ability to get any of this. I'm skeptical whether he has the capacity to be enlightened, and if he did become enlightened I'm really skeptical that it would have any meaning whatsoever in his life, that it would do anything for him, or anyone else for that matter.

I'm really skeptical about this whole non-dual experience thing happening quickly. I would think that any kind of genuine experience of enlightenment would take a lot of hard work, practice and soul-searching. So I don't trust this method, I don't trust this process, I don't trust you, I don't trust him. I think that you'd have to prove this to me for me to be anything less than as skeptical as I am about it.

You know, I'm also really skeptical about his capacity to learn any of this. It seems so far beyond imagination and comprehension. I mean, what's all this about different realities? Creating an awakened experience? I doubt if it will do his life any good, or serve him in any way whatsoever, not to mention anybody else. I mean he's so self-centered, I'm skeptical that he could ever be really compassionate. He is just totally, always focused on himself. He's all about me me me me. I'm really skeptical that he could ever be the supposedly selfless, egoless, altruistic person that I think he'd like to be. You know, the first thing he thinks about in the morning when he wakes up is himself. The last thing he thinks about before he goes to bed is himself. Pretty much all through the day, it's just all about himself. I'm skeptical about his capacity, his ability to transform. He's been trying to transform for decades, but to tell you the truth, I don't see much improvement. I'm sure his kids -- his daughter is sitting right here next to him on the beach, I'm sure she'd agree with that. I'm sure his wife would too.

As the Skeptic, I'm even skeptical of my ability to be completely skeptical. Frankly, I doubt that I could be anything great, even great at being a skeptic. You know, he is just such a normal, ordinary person, how could he be anything great? So even my ability to be skeptical is in question, I'm skeptical about it.

Facilitator: Well, I do appreciate your being so honest and direct with me. Thank you for that. Would you be so kind as to allow me to go on at this point, unless you have something further to say, to speak to another voice?

Skeptic: Well, I am skeptical, but I don't really have anything more to say at this moment. But I would like the option of speaking up again if necessary.

Facilitator: Sure, that would be fine. Just let me know whenever you want to speak.

Skeptic: I'm comfortable with that, to an extent. I still have my skepticism whether this means anything or is going to serve any purpose whatsoever. But go ahead, you can try.

Facilitator: Thank you. May I please speak to the Controller once more.

Controller: Yes, you are speaking to the controller.

Facilitator: Thank you, would you please give me permission to speak to the one who consciously chooses to be a human being. I call this the voice of the Integrated Free-Functioning Human Being.

Integrated Free-Functioning Human Being

Integrated Free-Functioning Human Being: Yes, I am the Integrated Free-Functioning Human Being.

Facilitator: Please tell me about you.

Integrated Free-Functioning Human Being: As an integrated free-functioning human being I really feel like I am choosing to be what I am -- a human being. Which means that as a human being I have pain and suffering. I have all kinds of emotions: sadness and grief, joy, happiness, exuberance, gratitude, and I suffer. Before now I didn't really accept the fact that I am a human being. I think I've been in resistance, even in denial, somehow feeling that I didn't choose it. So I blamed other people and other things for my situation and my suffering.

By intentionally choosing to be a human being, I feel I can just accept what and who I am, accept suffering when there's suffering and accept pain when there's pain. I can embrace sadness or grief. When it's time to grieve, I just grieve. When it's time to be happy, I'm just happy. When it's time to experience joy, I just experience joy. It all seems so simple and perfect. I feel that my functioning is totally at one with whatever the circumstances are and however they arise. In other words, I respond to situations and I see that these situations are continuously changing. My role is changing continuously too, the position I have in given situations. So, I see that I am what I am, and it's all OK. When it's time to respond I simply respond. If it's not time to respond, I do nothing, and I do it freely. As for being integrated, there isn't anything to integrate. I'm already completely integrated. As time passes, whatever manifests, whatever comes up is just integrated in a very natural process. It all seems very organic.

By consciously choosing to be a human being, I don't feel like a victim, a victim of this body, of this life, of my limitations. It feels like I can embrace both my limitless potential and the fact that I'm limited. I'll never be a great pianist. I'll never be a great surfer. I'll probably never fly a plane, not that I couldn't learn these things, but I'm not interested enough. However, I feel totally free to be who and what I am, and that's a real liberation.

I came at the moment when the self made a conscious choice to be one with the suffering of the entire world. This took some doing. I am completely integrated and continually integrating in every moment. I function freely and without a gap between action and response. My functioning does not have to go through the mind. I am one with all things. I do not ignore the Law of Cause and Effect. I do not fall into acting freely and without restraint, nor into blindly following rules and regulations. My life is devoted to bringing sentient beings to awakening and raising the level of consciousness on this entire planet.

Facilitator: You sound like Big Mind and Big Heart combined. Do you include the dual and the non-dual?

Integrated Free-Functioning Human Being: I include all the aspects of the self, all the dualistic voices and Big Mind, the non-dual, no-self, and I transcend them. I am also known as the Master, or the Unique Self. I am absolutely unique, there is no one else in the entire world exactly like me. I have no need to prove anything or to be special since I am special and unique to begin with. I am also known as the natural self or ordinary mind. I do not need to put on airs or a façade. I am natural and unassuming. I am unconditionally joyful. My happiness is not dependent on conditions or circumstances. I am one with whatever feeling or emotion comes up. I am the mind of Great Joy and the mind of Great Appreciation and Gratitude.

I appreciate and am grateful for all life and all things unconditionally and yet I have the power to discern appropriate action from inappropriate action, right from wrong, according to the circumstances and situation. This means my response to any situation depends on four variables: my position, the time, the place and the amount. Situations are in constant flux and I act appropriately. I face the problems and experience the ups and downs in life as a relative self with the wisdom and perspective of Big Mind. I am the Truly Transcendent.

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